Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Get ready for your season! 
March 11th through 15th from 12 pm to 3 pm

All levels are invited, ages 8 -16. During these 5 days, 
we will be working on improving our technique, 
learn strategies for match play, do lots of foot work drills and compete with fellow students. 

We will work hard, but we will also have fun! Sign up in advance! 
Cost $60 per day or $240 for a week (prices prorated for current players)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Winter Has arrived!

This is where the tough get going; and the players that are too cold stay inside eat marshmallows and drink hot chocolate. The only problem is too many marshmallows and you become one!

Texas junior tennis players are generally pretty tough. At least the good one's! The weather does not deter them from training or playing tournaments. In the worst, most extreme conditions the tournaments are always still played. With plenty of kids willing to fight to become winners.

We are traveling to Katy next weekend to play a Challenger tournament Jan 6/7. I am pleased we have a large of kids going to the tournament. All willing to risk the elements, train in the cold and compete to become better tennis players, and people. It is necessary to "put it on the line" be brave and compete on a regular basis to improve in tennis.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Our tennis academy is going well. We have lot's of young kids that are sticking with us improving their technique, character qualities and competitive abilities. We have kids winning tournaments regularly and becoming champ and super champ players while maintaining their integrity.  Our main focus is teaching, which is not easy in a world filled with distractions. We care for our kids, work them hard and allow them to have a little fun! Our focus is offering affordable tennis programs to help kids achieve success in tennis and life.

We just resurfaced our tennis courts and included lines for 36 and 60 ft courts. We now have 25 short courts at our facility. We also added a backboard allowing our players to improve their games. We are planning more improvements in 2018.

Maeva Supers up

Starting them out young!

Luke wins the tournament


Monday, September 11, 2017

Resurfacing our tennis courts

Today we begin the process of re-surfacing our tennis courts. Please be patient as availability this week will be limited. We look forward to having new courts!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Program 2017
 June 5th-August 18th

We are excited about our summer tennis program this year! We have tennis classes and camps for everyone from beginners to advanced.

You can sign up on our website at Spring Tennis Academy or by calling Friday 281-300-0304 or Ken at 832-515-1314. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Importance of Work Ethic

Over the past ten years I have been teaching large groups of junior tennis players how to play and compete in our great sport! My students have taught me so much including how the times have changed from when I was a competitive player. Nowadays, it appears much harder for kids to focus because of social media and technology distractions.

What I remember clearly is how hard I worked to obtain an ATP World Ranking in singles/doubles, NCAA II #1 national ranking in singles, All-Time National Collegiate Champion in singles and doubles NAIA 1989 and All-American status. It's nice to be in the record books but without a strong work ethic it never would have happened.

I now believe that work ethic has to be taught. It is so easy for coaches to see young players that are spoiled and don't know how to work hard and give up on them (including myself). What I have learned over the years is kids will surprise you! They can learn if you give them a chance. But kids need explanations, the how and why's are important for them to connect the dots in their own lives.

If you are a coach, or good tennis player, I am here to tell you greatness is only within reach when work ethic matches your desired goals. Good technique, experience, match play, perseverance and patience are all keys to success in tennis but without a strong work ethic you are destined for mediocrity. What is your destiny?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

New high performance coach at Spring Tennis Academy 
Coach Greg Zachary

USTA Certified 
High Performance Coach

Greg Zachary- Greg grew up in Louisiana and was coached by Pat Harrison. He attended Georgia Tech on tennis scholarship where he reached All-American status and graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. Greg is a Certified USTA High Performance Coach, USPTA Elite Pro and has coached nationally for the USTA. Greg's coaching resume includes working with 11 #1 ranked super champs in Texas, Australian Open junior finalist, NCAA Champion, top #300 ATP player and #1 nationally ranked junior player. In 2013 Greg was the #1 ranked men’s player in Texas in 35 and-over-division. Greg is available as private coach and lessons for serious tennis players. Please call 281-376-2693 to set up a free consultation with Greg.